Sun-up Sun-Down Shade has become the alternative to Top-down Bottom-up Shades

Sun-up / Sun-Down Shades have become the alternative to Top-down Bottom-up Shades which is no longer allowed to be sold in Canada due to the New Health Canada Cord Safety Regulations that came into effect this year. Note: The U.S. has announced that they will be following Canada’s lead and updating their Cord Safety Regulations in 2023.

This window treatment allows you to create a home that’s perfect for your light and privacy preferences and offers cordless top-down bottom-up control options. This shade is perfect for any room needing privacy and seeking natural light during the day and room darkening at night.

The Sun-Up / Sun-Down Shade is also called Day-Night Cellular Shade or 2-in-1 shade is a combination Cellular Shade. This refers to a type of shade that actually incorporates light filtering options into a single shade. A light filtering and room darkening shade that works in tandem with each other.

Sun-up Sun Down Cellular Shade

An ordinary Cellular Shade uses a single head rail attached to the top of the window and a bottom rail to maneuver the shade up and down. The Sun-Up / Sun-Down cellular shade has three rails – a top rail attached to the top of the window, the regular bottom rail, and a middle one that enables Sun-Up / Sun-Down.

These 2-in-1 Cellular Shade combine a usual Blackout or Privacy Shade with a more translucent light filtering fabric on the top. One type of shade is connected to the top rail and the center rail while the other one is between the center rail and the bottom rail. The center rail then acts as a bottom rail for the top shade and a top rail for the bottom shade.

Each panel has its own set of controls so you can expand or contract each shade separately on the same track. You also have a portion of your window blocked out by a more opaque Cellular Shade while the rest is filtering light with the more translucent shade. This combination gives the Sun-Up / Sun-Down shade its versatility. It is ideal for windows that have direct sunlight or windows that more privacy is require like bedrooms or windows that faces neighbours or the street.


Graber offers a Sun-Up / Sun-Down Cordless lift. The Cordless Lift option is a safer alternative to the Cord Control Option. Easily accessible cords that are traditionally used to operate window coverings are a safety hazard for children and pets.

Handles are used to operate the shade. Both handles on the Bottom rail or mid-rail should be used to raise and lower the shade. Side mounts are not available with multiple shades on one headrail.

UPF Rating (Ultraviolet Protection Factor)

Graber Cellular Shades effectively block Ultraviolet (UV) Rays. Over exposure to Sun’s rays can damage furnishings, wood floors, draperies, carpeting, and artwork. 

Benefits of Sun-Up / Sun-Down Shades

1) Versatility: Their distinct design makes them extremely unique, apart from their functionality. What makes these blinds great is that they come in a variety of options in terms of colours and material.

2) Privacy: This an extremely picky yet important topic for every homeowner. When it comes to deciding or picking on a particular window treatment this is a deciding element. Often it is difficult to strike that right balance between the amount of light you let in and the privacy you enjoy. These shades allow you to enjoy both rather than compromising one over the other.

3) Operating Styles: You can choose to have these blinds operated through a cord or motorized so you can adjust them with a click of a button. This solely depends on your preference as well as your budget.

4) Light Control: The most important feature and advantage of these shades are the light control flexibility it provides with the dual properties. You can adjust it according to the need of the time to create the right ambiance.

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